4 Advantages of Hiring an Advertising Pro to Write Your Ads

Most small businesses advertise for one of 2 reasons:

  1. They are in trouble of some kind and business or sales are down
  2. A sales rep comes in a sells them ad space in some form of media, be it print, radio, tv or online.

In both cases, the design of the ad is almost always done by either the ad rep themselves or a in-house graphic designer.

Meaning no disrespect to either, but 99 out of 100 times, they have no idea how to get customers into your business and couldn’t care less.  That’s one reason you can open a phone book and see almost all of the ads look the same: Name, address, hours, maybe a picture, maybe a slogan.

SO what’s the other option? Hire a advertising pro, aka a direct response copywriter, to create the ad for you.

“But that costs money”, you say!  Indeed it does.

Here are 4 advantages to paying a pro to design your ads:

  1. Pro’s aren’t selling advertising space, so their main concern is not filling the sales quota for a publication, their only concern is creating a successful advertisement for you.
  2. Correctly done direct-response advertising is salesmanship multiplied, and a direct response pro understands and applies proven sales principles when creating your ad.  They would never create an ad that featured your business name, info & location has its main theme.
  3. Pro’s take the time to mentally absorb your business, learning all they can about your services, products , customers & prospects  before creating your advertisements.  This results in ads that either make sales or generate leads for you.
  4. Good pro’s often charge a royalty based on sales produced from an ad. This may sound like a disadvantage at first, but it’s not. When a royalty is charged, the copywriter has a vested interest in the success of the ad, so the more you sell, the more he makes, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Your advertisements are investments. A good ad is free, no matter how much you paid to have it created, it will return a multiple of that in sales generated.

Next time, hire a pro direct response copywriter like myself* to create your ads and you’ll no longer find yourself frustrated with advertising,   instead you’ll be counting your Return-on –Investment!

*NOTICE:  I’m booked solid and probably can’t fit you in. To be considered for the Waiting List,  call
1-800-541-7429 ext  802 and leave a detailed message.

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