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My name is Jarrod Cash, and in my 10 years in small-business advertising and marketing, I’ve never seen a time so full of opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople to at least double their sales using the little known secrets of direct response marketing.

My private clients have been shocked at the results we’ve produced using some carefully written direct response ads I created for them. (One 3-man auto repair shop spent just $452 sending a letter I wrote for them to their customers, and drove in $12,788.57 in sales directly from the letter -- in only 9 days!)

If you desire results like these, you must begin with the following 4 steps:

  1. Stop using traditional image branding advertising & switch to direct-response style advertising.

  2. Prepare a marketing & advertising plan and system, just like you used a business plan to start your company.

  3. Focus on the 3 easiest customers to get into your business. (Most business owners unknowingly focus on the single most difficult customer to get.)

  4. Use direct-response style mail as part of your marketing tools.

What is Direct-Response Style Advertising?

When it comes to marketing & advertising, you’ve probably heard of the term “Branding” or “Image Branding.” This is also called “institutional marketing.” Here’s the basic idea: put your company name, location, etc., with a logo and a “catchy” slogan in some form of advertisement -- anything from a billboard on the road to a “cutesy” commercial -- get it in front of people’s faces and make sure they see it enough times, and then whenever they need your service or product, they will think of you… due to something called “brand awareness.”

But here’s the truth those other marketing guys won’t tell you: that’s a load of BS!

Image branding can work for major corporations like Coca-Cola & McDonald’s, but it takes years and tons of money! If you have millions of dollars and decades of time, you can see IF it will work for you too. In reality, if you are like most small businesses, you don’t have the same resources and time as those big corporations.

Your company name, location, logo, “catchy” slogan -- none of these are compelling reasons to do business with you versus anyone else. Image branding doesn’t convince customers to purchase the products or services that you sell, and it certainly doesn’t direct the prospect to any intelligent buying decision. And relying on someone in your market to hopefully remember your “brand” in the midst of the onslaught of advertising people are subjected to every day is just plain crazy! (The average person see's over 5,000 ads per day.)

What’s the solution?

Direct-response advertising and marketing.

Direct-response marketing is designed to get an immediate response or purchasing decision (sale!) from the prospect. It has often been described as “salesmanship in print,” and it focuses on getting dollars right now -- not 10 years down the road.

Direct-response marketing tells a complete story, presenting facts or reasons why your company or product is superior to all others. It also gives your prospects a reason to get up and contact you, instead of waiting until they need your service or product, at which time you’ll have to hope that they remember your name.

Direct-response advertising is the original advertising and has been successfully used for more than 100 years.

Did You Hear The One About Direct Mail Being Dead?

Some marketers, especially online, like to say that direct mail is dead. That’s fine, let them think so. Meanwhile, my clients and other smart businesses continue to quietly use the mailbox to rake in big profits!

In fact, the big opportunity for success in direct mail is right now, while your competition and everyone else is busy online sending “Tweets,” “Liking” stuff, sending “Friend Requests,” and calling those things “advertising.” I call 90% of that a waste of time. (But that’s a whole other letter.)

Think about this: You’ve probably noticed the amount of mail you’ve been getting is less & less. And believe me, there are even fewer business doing it correctly, which begs the question:

"Are you saying anything sent in the mail can be successful in 2015?"


People still hate junk mail just as much today as they did 15 years ago.

Folks still separate their mail into 2 piles, and pile #2 goes straight into the garbage just as fast now as it did then.

Direct mail still works, as long as it’s done the correct way. And, when done correctly, it’s one of the single most powerful tools to completely re-charge your business with customers and sales.

Direct mail is still inexpensive to use…. But it’s not easy to create winning ads & marketing strategies for use in the mail.

And it’s not cheap to pay a professional to create it for you.

In fact, my bare minimum fee to create a brand-new 3 to 5 step direct-mail campaign for a client starts at $7500 -- with a 2-4% royalty on sales!

But, like I mentioned earlier, I’m finally giving in…

At the urging of some of my private clients and mastermind group members, I have decided to put together some of my best and most successful ads and systems for gaining customers and increasing sales with lightning speed.

And… for a short time I’m making them available to folks who can’t spend 5 or 10 grand to hire an advertising consultant and copywriter to create their ad systems.

This remarkable system is called The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit, and it focuses primarily on getting the 3 fastest, easiest types of customers to find, all using the proven power of direct response style advertising:

  • Lost Customers -- the 3rd easiest customer to sell to. Nearly all businesses are sitting on a goldmine of inactive customers.
  • Referred Customers -- The 2nd easiest customer to sell to. They come to you with a favorable impression from the start, they’re less likely to question your prices, and they’re more likely to refer others to you.
  • Current Customers -- The #1 easiest customers to sell more to. Also the #1 Most Neglected Customer On Earth. In nearly every business I’ve seen, this group is most often ignored and taken for granted.
Finally, there is one other group, which most businesses incorrectly spend all their advertising dollars chasing:
  • New Customers -- After systems are put in place, we can then focus on this group, which is the single most expensive group to acquire!

 Let’s take a closer look at what this “done-for-you” Marketing Kit can do for your business.

Module #1: Lost Customers – Contains my tested, proven & copyrighted “Wanted Poster” Advertising System that includes:

  • 3 giant postcards that will bring your inactive customers back by the boatload, ready to buy.
  • Phone Scripts
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Email Campaign
  • Gift/Reward Sources
  • Joint-Venture Letter to other business & more

Module #2: Referred Customers – My complete easy-to-implement system for increasing referrals has everything you need done for you, including:

  • 4 direct mail pieces
  • Point of Sale info-sheets
  • Sales Script for your employees
  • Referral Cards
  • Tracking Sheets,
  • Office Signage &  more

Module #3: Current Customers – Your current customers are your most valuable asset and must be treated as such. This system contains my complete #1 tool to:

  1. Keep your current customers away from your competitors
  2. Keep your current customers off of your lost customer list
  3. Create that elusive “personal touch” feeling
  4. Create a sense of loyalty from your customers
…This tool is my client newsletter system. This Module contains 12 full 4-page issues, ready to send to the printer after filling in a few easily numbered blanks. I regularly charge $828 a year for this service, ($69 a month, available on my website.)

These interesting, fun & informative newsletters are designed to look homemade, as if YOU did them yourself
(talk about adding that missing Personal Touch!)

They contain proven psychological triggers to stimulate referrals, increase sales and visits, and create a sense of loyalty.

They are not fancy, and they’re not about your business. Fancy business newsletters or flyers get tossed in the trash. My newsletters are kept, passed around, and looked forward to each month.

  • Also included for the budget-conscious business owner is my 12-month mini-newsletter system. These can be printed at home and mailed for barely more than the cost of a stamp. I’ve included this one so there is NO EXCUSE not to send some form of newsletter out. It’s JUST THAT IMPORTANT to your business!!
  • AND in this module is my super effective “Private Sale” letter & postcard campaign. This can be used any time you need a fast sales-boost in your business. This 3-step letter & postcard campaign will drive your current customers in the door, ready to spend money on the day you choose!
  • Plus: How to WOW your clients with a New Client Kit & more!

Module #4: New Customers – New customers are the hardest and most expensive to get. That’s why we don’t focus all our advertising efforts on them first unless absolutely necessary. This contains the following “new customer” advertising tools:
  • New Mover Ad System – targeting people who have recently moved into your area is good source of new business. This system contains my original “Welcome To The Neighborhood” ad campaign.
  • Craigslist Ad Secrets
  • Lead Generation Ads,
  • Social Media Success: Tactics for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & more

The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit has everything created for you… all the ads written & ready to go… simply insert your info and send to your printer.

It also comes with 2 audio CDs & DVDs where I share some of the most valuable info my top consulting clients receive from me, including:

  • How to determine EXACTLY how much to spend on advertising
  • The “Secret of LTV” that will change your business forever
  • How to overcome the #1 cause of failure in your advertising & marketing
  • The “Big Switch” that super-successful businesses make in their advertising -- and that you can do as well. Best of all? It doesn’t cost a dime!
  • 4 myths about advertising that could be costing you thousands of dollars a year
  • The top 10 direct-mail mistakes and how to avoid them and more!

Any one of these strategies could be worth thousands -- or more -- to your business.

Imagine if you started implementing just one of these systems? How much more money would that mean to your bottom line?
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Now, before we go on, I’m sure you probably have some questions.

Here are some of the most common:

Q. “My business is driven by word-of-mouth. Why do I need all this “marketing stuff”?

A. Yes, a big part of your business may come from word-of-mouth, and it can continue to do so. A major focus of this system is to generate word-of-mouth and referrals. However… unless you control everyone’s “word of mouth,” you have no control over what your customers are saying. They could be talking about the great restaurant next door to you, a poor experience they had with your company, or anything else. With this system, you’ll get a true system for referrals and generating positive word-of-mouth.

Q. “Will this work in my part of the country? My customers and business are different.”

A. People are people and they all respond to emotionally charged direct-response marketing. They have been since the beginning of time. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or small town, or if you’re a dog groomer or a restaurant or whatever else. These systems work… guaranteed! The key factor is that you’ll be using proven methods that work no matter what.

WARNING: If your business has bad products or terrible customer service,
this marketing kit will only increase the speed at which people find out how horrible your
business is. This isn’t a “magic pill” that cures poor business practices!

Q. “How long before I start seeing results with your system?”

A. It depends on how fast you implement them and which strategies you use. For instance, the Private Sale campaign can generate sales within 3 days or less. The newsletter system takes about 3 continuous months before big results begin appearing. If you implement all of the systems at once, you can easily double your business in 4 months. But, please, understand… If you don’t apply the system, you won’t see any results at all.

Q. “How much do these marketing campaigns cost to implement?”

A. This system is built around direct mail and the most expensive part -- the ad creation by a professional copywriter -- is already paid for. The costs of printing and postage are relatively small and can be easily controlled and budgeted.

You see, my system contains absolutely everything you need to double your sales and customer base in the next 4 months or less. Nearly everything is done for you: just plug in your name and a few other easy items.

(With my deluxe service, we’ll customize everything for you with your business’s information, AND I’ll hook you up with one of the best printing & mailing services in the country at a discounted rate. All you’ll need to do is help all the new customers flooding through your doors!)

“Okay, So How Much Does All Of This Cost?”

Instead of thinking of this as a cost, you should consider it an investment. If you hired an ad agency or a consultant and copywriter to put together the same package, you would easily pay anywhere from $7,500 (on the low end) to $15,000 or more… without the guaranteed results I offer.

But I’m not going to charge you $7,500 or $5,000 or $2,000... even though all those prices would be well worth the materials you will be receiving. Depending on the type of business you’re in, just a handful of new customers would more than make up for a $5,000 investment.

You see, I understand small-business owners. I understand that many of you are incredibly talented at running the business you have. But when it comes to marketing your business and making sure enough customers come through the door every day, you probably need a little help. (And if you don’t -- good for you! Pass this on to another business owner who does.)

The good news is that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With my system, everything is done for you, completely turnkey, with easy step-by-step instructions. But that’s not even the BEST part.

If you are expecting The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit to cost a fortune, listen to this:

The regular price will be $1197, but for a limited time, your entire investment for the whole system is $499.

That is not a typo. You’ll receive everything listed above, in both digital files and hard-copy set.

That, my friend, is a pretty sweet deal, but I’m going to pour a little sugar on top!

Call it a shameless “bribe” if you will, but for the first 25 orders I’m going to throw in 6 Free Gifts

It’s just my way of rewarding business owners who are serious about growing their businesses.

Free Bonus #1: Testimonial System

Strong testimonials are the backbone of good advertising and you must use them whenever possible. But most people don’t quite know how to get them from their customers. This system makes getting good testimonials a breeze.

Free Bonus #2: Free Lifetime Upgrades

We are always looking to add & improve products, you get any new updates, free for life

Free Bonus #3: Seminar DVD & Workbooks

Instructional sessions from Jarrod’s seminars on Lifetime Customer Value, Copywriting Secrets, Direct Mail in 2014 & more

Free Bonus #4: “How To Avoid Procrastination” eBook

Great little book I put together on overcoming a huge obstacle to advertising success: Procrastination.

Free Bonus #5: Advertisement Critique Certificate ($199 value)

Submit any ad, sales letter, or other advertising material directly to me for my review and improvement tips.

Free Bonus #6: Training Sessions on CD & MP3

The Top 10 Direct Mail Mistakes, The Secret of the 5 M’s,  Myths of Advertising & more.

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“Why Am I Being So Generous?”

Simply put: I’m not!

I, like you, am a business owner and entrepreneur, and like any business owner, I want to grow my customer base. I have seen firsthand the benefits of businesses that have implemented The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit, and I firmly believe that once you put even one or two of these systems in place -- and reap the profits from doing so -- you will refer my system to other business owners. Building a great, profitable business means over-delivering, and that’s what I do.

Still not sure?
Ok, I’ll give you TWO Money Back Guarantee’s:

Money Back Guarantee #1: Send it back for any reason whatsoever within 30 days. You’ll get a quick, hassle free refund and we can still be friends.

Money Back Guarantee #2: The One YEAR Guarantee!
Here’s how it works: Try The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit for up to a full year. Implement at least one of my systems in your business & track the results, and if you don’t think The Toolkit is worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, I’ll buy it back from you -- no questions asked. (I’ve been selling my services online since 2004 and I’m not going anywhere. I’m easy to find and easy to contact! Just Google me if you don’t believe it.)

Not only that, you’ll still get to keep all the bonus ads, the DVD, books, consultations and other free gifts.

Is that fair or what?

That’s all there is too it.

Worst-case scenario: You walk away with a bunch of valuable free gifts, and a ton of new ideas. There’s absolutely no way you can lose.

But the truth is, once you start applying this system and seeing the results, you’ll be ready to take your business to an even higher level. The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit is a goldmine of Done-For-You ad campaigns. Get ready to supercharge your sales and maximize the money your current customers spend, retrieve the customers you’ve lost, and land tons of new, referred clients.

What are you waiting for?!?

If you’re at all serious about having a more profitable business, then you can’t overlook this risk-free opportunity to attract more customers.

Stop flushing your ad dollars and marketing budget down the toilet on ineffective techniques that don’t work. Your investment in The Ultimate Customer Attraction Toolkit is peanuts compared to what you’ve already spent trying to attract customers. So that means…

You can’t afford NOT to invest in this system.

Don’t wait another second. Do yourself -- and your business -- a favor and order yours right now!

- Jarrod Cash

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